Saturday, July 29, 2017

New to the Neighborhood

I had some visitors--new to the neighborhood, 
they came by my house today.

We have lived in our farmhouse for more than 25 years. 
In that time generation upon generation of deer 
have made their home with us 
(actually, it was their home first). 

In the  morning they graze upon our salal and wild berries. 
At noontime they bed down on the front lawn, relaxing and chewing their cud. 
At dusk they graze the apple orchard for fallen fruit, 
and as night falls they bed down in the cedar grove. 

We rejoice with the does when their new babies are born, 
we are saddened when a little one dies 
(we have buried several), 
and we are thrilled when the babes become yearlings, 
learn independence, 
grow antlers, 
and go on to nurture families of their own. 

And the circle continues.


  1. One of the true joys of having an urban sanctuary. Thanks for sharing with us, Linda. Beautiful!

  2. Bill, it just never gets old. Yes, they eat all of my garden, but I'd still rather have them here than to be without.

  3. What a delightful oasis you have ! And you and Bill are great stewards. Thank you for sharing your bounty.
    Lu C

  4. Lu I will admit that I occasionally storm and fume over the destruction, but then one moment later I see these beautiful creatures and my heart melts.