Saturday, July 8, 2017

Beautiful Visitor

Look who showed up in our backyard today:

Western Tanager

The Western Tanager is a medium-sized song bird in the same family as Cardinals. According to Wikipedia:

The breeding range of the western tanager includes forests along the western coast of North America from southeastern Alaska south to northern Baja California, Mexico. Western tanagers extend east to western Texas and north through central New Mexico, central Colorado, extreme northwest Nebraska, and areas of western South Dakota to southern Northwest Territories, Canada.The western tanager's wintering range stretches from central Costa Rica north through Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala to southern Baja California Sur and extreme southeastern Sonora in western Mexico and to southern Tamaulipas in northeastern Mexico. Western tanagers do not typically occur in the Caribbean lowlands. They have been reported wintering further north and have been observed as far south as Panama.


  1. You know what I've never seen in our backyard? The state bird. Where the heck are they????

    1. Bill, I agree with you. I DO see them occasionally, but it is a rare occurrence. I have some friends who live in Rainier (the town, not the Mountain) and they get lots of goldfinches.

  2. So cool I love learning about this stuff. We get them around here where they are an urban bird staying out of the desert. My boy and I saw a pair and he immediately knew the male from the female.

  3. Your little man is pretty darned smart for a 7-year old. You are doing well to teach him. Good job Dad!