Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mothers' Day -- The Greatest Blessing

I've carried a baby within my body.

I've slept with a baby on my chest.

I have kissed boo boos, mended broken hearts, been puked on, peed on and pooped on and spent sleepless nights in a rocking chair.

But I wouldn't have it any other way.

My body isn't magazine-model perfect, but when I look into the mirror I see a mom, and there is no greater blessing.


  1. I agree with you, Linda. I hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day. I wouldn't trade being a mom for anything in the world!

  2. Shauna, when I was a little girl I wanted to be an interior decorator AND a mom. I said that I NEVER wanted to be a secretary or have anything to do with numbers.

    Well guess what, I started my career as an executive secretary and then became a Budget Analyst for the Federal government (God, leading my life, has a great sense of humor). BUT, I also became a mom. That was and is the best thing I have ever done with my life.