Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Kitties of Italy

In 2006 our family traveled to Italy--we spent a week in Vernazza, one of the five cities that makes up the Cinque Terre. All of us immediately fell in love with the place and the kitties who live and roam there freely.

When we arrived back home I began to work on a children's book--a story of the kitties we had met; I gave the book to my older daughter as a Christmas gift.

I thought it would be fun to share the book (and photos) with you:

My Aunt Carol lives in Italy--Maniago to be exact--a town about 1 hour north of Venice.

Three girl kitties live with Aunt Carol.



and Lola.

In the Fall of 2006 my parents, sister, and I went to Italy. We visited Cindy, Bianca, and Lola, but we met lots of other kitties too!

First, we went to Cinque Terra--5 towns linked by a rugged footpath on the west coast of Italy. We stayed in the town of Vernazza.

And there we were greeted by "Katie." Katie is the ambassador of Vernazza. She greets every newcomer.


Then we met Lily, so named because she "lives" in a flowerpot.


Lily has several friends who like to hang out with her--Marmalade, Marbles, and Chandler.

Marmalade is the leader of the pack.


And the most photogenic.

Marbles is the most colorful.


 Chandler loves to pose.


As we walked a little further, we found Tuffy. No, she doesn't like Sprite, but she DOES love head scratches.


Closer to the beach we found Oreo.

And Nemo, who lives on one of the fishing boats.


And on the rocks we found Gus.


"Bobbi patrolled the breakwater.


Bobbi and Gus are friends.

Bobbi and Gus

This is Jasmine. She lives with Giani, the man who owns the restaurant. He specializes in seafood, so Jasmine is a very lucky kitty.

But sadly, not every kitty has a home and a warm bed.

Others sleep in very dangerous places.

We enjoyed our stay in Vernazza, but it was time to move on. Katy came by our apartment to say goodbye.

There were other places to visit. And even more kitties to see, like this gentleman who greeted us near the church in Aquileia.

We don't know where he lived, but he was certainly friendly.

We had a wonderful time in Italy. Maybe some day we'll return. I know that the kitties will be waiting for us.


  1. What a wonderful experience. Thank you for sharing the pictures and the story behind them....great cool, a town full of kitties!

    1. Bill I would go there again in a heartbeat. And this is the town that "introduced" me to fresh basil pesto.

  2. What a wonderful legacy to leave to your daughter. Not only of your writing talent, but that of the kitties and the memories you created in Italy. I'm a huge kitty person so I really enjoyed this!

  3. Shauna - As you probably guessed, with the exception of my sister's 3 cats, all of the names were made up, but it was so much fun putting this together.

    I'm glad to know that you enjoyed my tale (kitty tail?) and that we are kindred spirits in yet another way. I love my kitties!