Thursday, December 15, 2016

Once Upon a Time...

My first attempt at sketching. 
This is Lana Parrilla as Regina on "Once Upon a Time."

My older daughter is a huge (over-the-top) fan of Once Upon a Time. As a Christmas/Birthday gift we have bought her a weekend pass for the OUAT Convention in Vancouver, B.C. March 2017. Souvenirs, meet-and-greets, photo-ops, and Q&A sessions with the cast members. Hoping she can take this with her and get it autographed.


  1. Your first attempt at sketching??????????

    Well that just annoys me. LOL

    Beautiful work, Linda! If you ever need a stick man sketch, I'm your man.

  2. Bill, you are awfully kind. Thanks and have a great weekend.

  3. Linda, your sketch is beautiful! I find it hard to believe you haven't done this before...

    What a wonderful gift to give to your daughter. She'll be thrilled!

  4. Shauna, I have tried to do more. I created a pencil sketch for my other daughter (of her 2 kitties who are in Heaven) and am giving that to her for Christmas.

    I also did a sketch based on an AMAZING photo of my best friend's son -- he is a pitcher in Little League and his mom captured a pic of his face, on the mound, that is amazing. He looks so mature; way beyond his years.

    He has the dream of becoming a major league baseball player. Seeing that "look" of him on the mound, I can almost see it happening. I really think he could reach his goal. And so I sketched that for them.

    ...I wanted to do a few more "Once Upon a Time" characters for my daughter, but they just didn't look "right" to me. Maybe it wasn't meant to be. Sometimes you just capture lightning in a bottle.

    Thank you for your kind words.