Monday, November 7, 2016

Reusable Shopping Bags--Part 2

I am having way too much fun making these. Today I decided that I wanted an even larger bag than the tote I shared with you last week. I looked online and found this incredibly easy-to-make bag with the clearest instructions I've ever seen.

I already had a supply of canvas (from all of those church banners), and decided that rather than purchase a bright fabric for the main color, I'd play around with sewing together bits and pieces from my scrap bag.

I'll keep this brief -- here are a few photos of the totes I created, and then I will share with you the link for the easy-to-make bag.

Easy-to-Make Tote Bag tutorial

By the way: I followed the directions to the letter on the first of the two bags and encountered a small problem. The instructions state that the lining should be sewn with a slightly wider seam allowance (5/8 inch) than the outer bag. That sounds good in theory, but an additional 1/8 inch on one side results in a 1/4-inch total reduction; that's simply too much, especially if you are working with stiff canvas material which doesn't have the "give" of light-weight cottons and polyesters. I ended up having a slight pucker where the inner- and outer-bags were joined together.

For the second bag I made no adjustment in seam allowance--for both the inner- and outer-bags I used a 1/2-inch seam allowance, and everything lined up perfectly.

I'm already making plans to make a few more of these as gifts. They are so easy!!

Good luck and have fun creating!


  1. Several times, Linda, you stated how easy these were to make. Did you forget who one of your followers was? Mr. Thumbs says you are full of baloney. :) Happy Election Day, my friend.

  2. Oh my Bill, I know I can always depend on you for the laugh of the day. IF you passed "Sewing 101" you can do these. If you can't thread a sewing machine, well I guess that's what YouTube is all about.

    What about Bev? You have to admit, these are awfully darn neat, aren't they?

  3. These are gorgeous! Love the bold colors combined with the black and white print. Will you be selling these???
    hint,hint :)
    Lu C

    1. These are actually a Christmas gift. But I am thinking about opening an Etsy store. What do you think they could sell for?