Sunday, October 23, 2016

Free "Quilt Block" Potholder Pattern

My younger daughter bought her first house a few years ago -- a mid-century fixer-upper. Room by room she is making improvements, restoring a long-neglected house, and making it her own home. Right now she is in the midst of a massive kitchen remodel. Except for the countertops, she is doing all of this on her own, from the subflooring up. Gone are the dark brown cabinets, brown countertops, brown backsplash, and (can you believe it?) brown floral carpeting

The floor is now a beautiful dark grey slate, cabinets are pale gray with shiny black hardware, the counters are slate-colored, and the backsplash is a dazzling bright white subway tile. This neutral palette is just begging for pops of color, and that she is doing with a red toaster and Kitchen Aid, bright yellow pendant light, and an aqua blue accent wall. 

I think a beautiful new kitchen is deserving of a new set of potholders, don't you? Luckily I have enough fabric scraps and quilt batting remnants in my studio that I can make a set of potholders without having to go shopping, and I have the red, yellow, and aqua that will make it happen.

Here is the pattern I drew. With this project you will learn the quilting technique called "foundation piecing".

I used graph paper so that you can easily draw a pattern of your own. Each square of the grid is 1/4 of an inch.

The following videos (Parts 1 and 2) demonstrate how to do foundation piecing. 

So, now that you have completed your quilt block, you need to add the binding to finish the edges of your potholder and form a loop so that it can be hung up in your kitchen. This video will explain how to add the binding and loop to your potholder.

The completed potholders


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