Sunday, April 26, 2015

Courthouse Block Quilt

Marilynn's lap quilt -- 60 x 60 inches

Today is my sister's birthday. Marilynn is 16 years my senior, so when I was a very little girl she was my idol. She worked in an office downtown--I was in awe of how smart and stylish she looked in her crisp business suits and pearl earrings. When (I thought) she wasn't looking I would try on her high heeled shoes. And when she got married, I thought she looked like a fairy princess in her wedding dress. 

Through the years she has been my confidant, my heartiest cheerleader when times were good, and my support and comfort in times of sadness. She is still everything I want to be when I grow up -- and she is my best friend.

detail of quilt

In honor of her birthday I designed a quilt for her; I share the pattern with you.

Each courthouse block (above) is 8 inches square. Follow the photograph for placement of the blocks. The center medallion is 16.5 inches square (16 inches plus quarter-inch seams).  

There is no pattern for the curved line of the inner border. Simply cut a 1/4-inch bias stem and place the stem and flowers in the border however you wish. 

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